On January 16, 2016, True Hospitality Talks presented The Book Fair of Love and Vision Board Party at the Best Western Inn at the Peachtrees. The event was open to authors, aspiring authors, editors, and entrepreneurs. Latoya Sharee, the owner of True Hospitality Talks and event organizer, states that the inspiration for  the event came from Jesus. Latoya recalls Jesus advising her to call the event The Book Fair of Love, “to show love, overwhelming, to different authors, their publications, and everything because people need to see and feel my love.  About 25 people were in attendance including five different vendors.

Attendees were afforded the opportunity to hear from established authors such as  Darryl J. Johnson and First Lady K, both successful in their genre. The established authors shared their stories of struggle and provided sound advice. Author, Luebrenda Turner encourages aspiring authors, ” to just believe in yourself regardless of what anyone else says…have faith and go out there and search for all the resources that you can find, to help you reach your goals.”  The attendees also were able to hear from Booklogix, a non-traditional publishing company that offers 100% royalties to their authors. The presentation included information on the services offered and industry education that the company provides.

The event concluded with a vision board session presented by Diane Smith. She helped the audience define vision and explore their creativity.  She states that vision is, ” the process of bringing your imagination into creation.” The vision boards gave the audience the chance to reflect on the new year and explore what they could accomplish in regards to their own writing.  When asked her advice for other authors, Latoya Sharee stated she wanted everyone to, ” just write. It’s the easiest, hardest thing…look at the smaller picture, don’t look at the big picture. Just write because people need you.”

2 thoughts on “Book Fair of Love and Vision Board Party brings Atlanta publishers and authors together”

  1. Thank you so much for coming to this event and writing an article. Not only did you write about Saturday but you participated. I am honored to be featured in your article and I look forward to seeing you again.

  2. Great energy in the room. Wow. I was so excited about learning great tidbits about writing & publishing a book, meeting new authors and gathering knowledge on birthing my vision. It was amazing!!!

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