On February 13th, Scribes & Vibes hosted its monthly event in celebration of “Love your Library Month,” at Stonecrest Library.   The event showcases poetry, music, and art. It has been active since 2009 and is continually growing. Scribes & Vibes started because founder Stephen Thomas’ young cousin was being bullied. His cousin came to him and asked him to find a way to, “make it cool to be smart.”  He modeled the event after the Harlem Renaissance, a time when African-American expression was encouraged and celebrated. Stephen wants people to come to, “learn, make connections, and better themselves.”

This month’s featured poets included Dyonna Walker, whose  inspiration comes from her life. She states that “writing has always helped me make sense of life.” Her poetry helps to convey that “there’s nothing wrong with being eloquent in what you’re doing.” and “everyone has a gift.”  She has recently started a blog at latwblog.com. Other artist featured this month were Abyss; a poet who expertly combines the art of music and spoken word, El Uno; a New York native writing from his own experiences,  and Brandy Bryant; a visual artist whose art is currently on display in the Stonecrest Library.

This month is also Teen Dating Violence Awareness month and Angela Sylk, organizer of Sista’s with a Purpose shared some helpful awareness tips for parents in regards to their teenagers and dating.  In addition, to an artist showcase, Stephen wants Scribes & Vibes to be a “platform for the community to come together and fellowship.”

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