Since 2007, when Amazon released the first Kindle, there has been discussion on what will be the future of reading, print books or E-books. In the most recent years it seems that E-books have been the go to reading apparatus. E-books have even made their way into the classroom. Although, E-books may seem to be the future of reading, what do people actually prefer.

Each apparatus has its pro and cons. E-readers are convenient because they can easily hold 100’s of books. It wouldn’t be feasible to carry around that many print books. They are economical because E-books tend to be cheaper than hardback books. They are also good for the environment because they don’t require the use of trees. On the other spectrum print books provide an experience. The feel and smell of physical books can’t be replicated with an E–book. There is a sentimental value in having print books such as owning a first edition copy of a classic. You’ll never have that with an E-book. Sharing and trading books is also very easy.

A study conducted in 2011 by SurveyMonkey showed that while most people agreed that E-books would be the future of publishing; they still enjoyed the comforts of print books. conducted their own small and brief study; asking readers if they preferred actual books or E-readers. One reader said, “Books! You don’t get the book smell with E-readers!” and another stated, “I prefer books, but understand the value of E-readers.” The results of the survey showed that 67% of participants would prefer a physical book over an E-book. So while the publishing industry is moving towards more production of E-books there still is a want and need for print books. Neither is going away for a long time. Doesn’t matter which apparatus you prefer, it’s just great that you are reading. Keep it up!

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