Lit Atlanta: Books, Booze & Beats, monthly occurs on the last Thursday of every month. Book lovers congregate in the Old 4th Ward at Edgewood Speakeasy to hear themed selections of different books. It is a monthly book club that allows its members to experience different types of books through live readings. To read at the event, participants must sign up at There are 10 spots available; those coveted spots are first come, first served. This month readers read from a variety of books and authors such as Toni Morrison’sParadise, and GG Renee Hill’sWallflower: Essays and Anecdotes for Quiet Women Who Want to Be Heard.  Original works were also showcased.

Each month has a specific theme. To start the year off, on the club’s first anniversary, January’s theme was “Beginnings.” Founder, Mike Jordan, states that ” every month we try to do something in accordance with what people are thinking right now, and what we feel is a good subject to do.”

Lit isn’t just about the books.  It’s about the experience. Author and DJ Jacinta Howard sets the mood with her themed playlists, and the drinks are steadily flowing. Lit is a place where authors,  writers, and avid readers are able to commune in a relaxed environment.

Lit also gives back to the community. The club hosts a library exchange where members are asked to donate books to give to local charities. This month donations well be received by Covenant House. The book exchange is  also an opportunity for participants to share books with each other in the spirt that, “charity begins at home.” It is based on an honor system with the idea that if a book is taken, then it will eventually return.

Lit is steadily growing and has already expanded to Washington D.C. with assistance from Jordan has big plans for Lit. In the future, he would like to see Lit go nationwide. He has plans for a digital publication and a podcast. He sees Lit, “stretching as far as books, booze & beats can take us.”

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