Frances Wellington a.k.a Mama Holiday is the mother of R&B singer, J. Holiday.  She is more than just a celebrity mother,  she is an inspiration to her community. She is an author, a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and an ordained minister. She has written a book about  her son called Raising J. Holiday: A Mother’s Untold Story.  She says the book is for, “his fans to know the struggles that he went through to become J. Holiday.”   She has also  written over 50 educational children’s books under her company, the Naungey Group.

Growing up in  times of racial segregation, she has  overcome many obstacles. She is one of the first  black cheerleaders of T.C. Williams High School, best known for in the film “Remember the Titans.”  She states, ” I’m a preserver. Just because you tell me ‘no’, that means nothing to me. I’m going to keep right on toiling until I get what I want.”

Mama Holiday has been active in her community since the 70’s. Currently, she is counseling and mentoring inmates a the Gwinnett County Jail. There, she teaches a weekly Women’s Bible study class and has received positive feedback. As an extension to her work with the jail, she has created the Community Book Club. The book club is an opportunity for the community to gather to discuss daily life issues. Her goal for this program is to, “encourage other women to get up and do things.”

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