In today’s day and age, literacy  encompasses a multitude of areas.  For example, computer literacy is extremely prevalent in this technological age.  Literacy is a right that everyone should have access to because of the benefits. Some of the benefits are detailed in the image below:

The benefits of literacy are unlimited, but where does literacy development begin.  It begins at home. It’s been proven that “…literacy (reading and writing) development begins in the first 3 years of life…”  Here are three ways parents can  promote literacy at home.

1.  Read to your kids: reading to kids has a positive impact on literacy achievement. It exposes them to a wide range of vocabulary and allows them to grasp language quickly and effectively.

2. Ask Questions– Literacy is more than just reading and writing it includes comprehension.  When your child is reading, have them recall the events and explain what is happening. This will help to improve comprehension skills and success with complex texts.

3. Talk to your kids– Studies have shown that talking to children encourage them to talk. Talking invites children to share thoughts and feelings. It provides them opportunity test and perfect conversation.

Literacy promotion at an early age has tremendous benefits such as increased writing and vocabulary skills. It is also a precursor to great interest in reading and learning. Literacy is the key to children’s educational success and parents and caregivers should seriously consider promoting it in and outside the home.




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