Self-publishing has become a popular trend for new and unestablished authors. Authors have found it to be more feasible and financially rewarding compared to traditional publishing. With self-publishing authors make all the decisions. Authors retain the rights to their books, are able to make decisions on marketing, and they take home a bigger pay out. The internet has greatly contributed to the success of self-published authors. With the click of a button your book can be distributed to the masses. The big picture here is that anyone can become a published author, but success is dependent on the steps you take before self-publishing. The following steps define a clear picture of what self-publishing entails.

  1. Edit

As an author you have a lot of choices when it comes to editing. You could edit yourself, but it is always better to have someone else look at your work. Some economical ways of editing are to enlist friends and family, people who will be honest with you. You could also join writing workshops and get feedback from fellow authors. If you are looking for a more professional editing job, then you may decide to hire a freelance editor or an editing service. Decide if you want a developmental edit which will make substantial changes to your manuscript, or a copyedit which will focus on finding mistakes.

  1. Choose a publishing avenue

There are two ways that you can publish. Digitally and/or in print. Digital publishing is very economical. Many sites such as Kindle Direct Publishing allow authors to publish for free and you keep most of the proceeds. You have the freedom to set book prices and you are in control of how your book is presented. If you decide to print your novel you may have more limitations, but you’ll have a physical copy of your novel which in itself is a reward. The best way the produce print copies of your novel is to use a Print On Demand vendor such as Createspace. These types of services make it easy to distribute your book through online retail outlets.

  1. Market

As a self -publisher you will have to do the majority of the marketing, unless you have an agent or a publicist. Marketing is simply making people aware of the product and convincing that your product is worth their money. Fortunately, we live in the world of social media. Social networking is the fastest way to reach a multitude of people at one time. You can create Facebook pages and/or a twitter accounts for characters in your book. Have them interact with your audience to create intrigue. Other options are to attend book fairs to showcase your work or you can create a blog to showcase yourself. Whatever way you decide to market make sure that you present yourself and your book in the best possible light so focus on your book cover and descriptions. This is what readers see first and will draw them in.

Self-publishing is great way to be in control of your creation, but realize that it will take time and effort to be successful. You’ll have to spend time researching what will be the best fit for you and your novel. Understand the out-of-pocket expenses will be involved. Editing and printing services aren’t free, and dependent on the type of service you require it could become costly. Realize that you will have to do all the work that a traditional publisher would do if you want your book to reach a plethora of people. Self- publishing has its advantages and disadvantages so if you decide to pursue this route for your novel, make sure that the good out ways the bad.


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  1. Good tips. Be sure to keep an open mind when going through the edit/critique process. The rewrite and revision process can be just as grueling and time consuming as the initial first draft in the writing process.

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